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Welcome to Eco Systems Pavilion.  On this site we discuss the many theories that can be applied to nature’s ecosystems and how they relate to us as people in our everyday interactions.  Thank you for joining us in our ecosystem pavilion. 

While ecosystems have taken many millions of years to develop, we can see the formation of mini ecosystems within ecosystems.  Not to be confused by a biome, an ecosystem is a smaller cycle within biomes.  By definition, ecosystems are dynamic interactions between plants, animals, and microorganisms and their environment working together as a functional unit.  Ecosystems will fail if they do not remain in balance.

Traditionally, when most people think of an ecosystem, they think of animals and plants living together.  Along with predators and prey.  However, if we look closely at these systems that nature has allowed to flourish, we see a quite ingenious balance and harmony between its moving parts.

How ecosystems work could be analogously applied to how we live today.  Social ecosystems, financial ecosystems and even psychological ecosystems.  The human body could be looked at as its own ecosystem.  How well an ecosystem works, depends on how things are balanced an harmonized within that system.  Taking this theory, we can apply this to many things we deal with today.  Success and failure in our lives.  From human interaction, relationships, our jobs, business and over all well being. 

For example, the foods or nutrients you put in your body could affect how your body’s ecosystem works.  If it has too much of one nutrient, or too much of a bad nutrient, your body’s ecosystem could eventually cease to exist!  We wouldn’t want that to happen. 

With the global financial crisis ecosystem of Wall Street was thrown off by an imbalance.  This imbalance eventually effected the world economy which could be considered a biome.  In this case, it was the housing market bubble that eventually popped sending shock waves all over.  Now, government officials and financial experts try to insert checks and balances into the system to get it healthy again.

Your home or dwelling consists of several ecosystems.  It can be looked at how your family interacts with each other or how money and energy efficient your house is.  From its plumbing to its appliances, the utility bills can affect the other ecosystems within your home by not being balance with the family’s fiscal budget.  A funny superstition is that wind chimes can bring you good luck with your business too.

If we take a look at the stock market.  There are several areas or niches that could be separated into different moving pieces.  Take for example the penny stocks market.  This is a tiny area within the stock market as a whole, and it has its own unique dynamics that are affected by moving parts within the system.  Trading volume, newsletters and hype are all key components to this area.  It’s definitely not for investors look for an IRA deduction.

As we develop as a society, economically, socially and politically, certain demands are placed upon how we do things such as commerce or manufacturing, or just how we live in particular.  We have seen the rise of eco-friendly companies such asair conditioning Houstonthat focuses on eco friendly, energy efficient products and socially acceptable business practices.  On a larger scale, there are companies such as Walmart that are sometime frowned upon for how and where they get their cheap products.  While profit margins are higher for them, they must balance out how their consumer will react to them.  AC the Woodlands

Disease is present in every ecosystem.  All biological systems contract some form of illness.  However, these pathogens can serve, on a population level, to keep a given population in check.  Disease doesn’t often run rampant until population levels have exploded beyond the environments’ carrying capacity.  Alternatively, diseases that are transmitted via close or intimate contact, such as HIV are transmitted when organisms attempt to reproduce, maintain a population at a given number.

The internet itself is an ecosystem, and it was recently demonstrated that the web’s expansion can be described using the same mathematical model as biological ecosystems.  A fascinating medium, used for information transmission, entertainment, and SEO Company, the world wide web is a global creation unique in human history.

The forest ecosystem is one of the most important.  As the second largest provider of oxygen and a large source of carbon dioxide sequestration (second only to phytoplankton in the ocean) forests are incredibly important.  Forests are under pressure for lumber which is used for house framing, furniture, paper, and more must be sustainably harvested so that we don’t upset nature’s delicate balance.  Rainforests are especially important due to their ecological biodiversity and the fact that most species in rainforests are endemic, meaning they aren’t found anywhere else.  If rainforests are destroyed, those species are lost forever.

Even the geology of the earth can be viewed as an ecosystem, called the rock cycle.  Molten rock from beneath the earth’s crust is forced upwards onto the surface via volcanoes, where it cools and solidifies into rock, sometimes bringing precious metals with it.  This rock is eventually forced downwards by the buildup of new rock, melts, and starts the cycle again.  While slow, this ancient cycle continues to form islands and new landmasses even as other forces erode them.

One of the most unique and beautiful ecosystems are those in the ocean, especially those found on coral reefs.  Unique ecosystems such as the symbiotic relationship between clownfish and anemones are a wonder to behold, and form a backbone for the chain of life on this planet.

What are the best things we can do for our ecosystem?  Avoid GMO foods, pesticides, fertilizers, and harmful chemical usage.  Instead, buy organic and non-processed foods and natural cleaners!


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